November 7, 2010

Giggles the {Psycho} Clown

This year when we were looking for a Halloween costume Grant found a face painting kit that he just HAD to have.  With a few accessories from Party City we were able to create Giggle the {Psycho} Clown.  Notice the bloody knife in his hand.  He didn’t think the costume was complete without it.DSCN2839DSCN2840DSCN2849

   Obviously this wasn’t an appropriate costume for school so he only sported it on Halloween night.

We dressed Spiro up in his Bumblebee costume just before all of the trick-or-treater’s began arriving.  He was not a happy dog.  He walked straight over to his bed and put his head down facing the wall.   He also knew I had the camera out and would not look at me.DSCN2848