September 27, 2010


Here’s a little story I couldn’t resist sharing . . .

Last night Grant got in pretty big trouble while he was outside playing with the neighbor girls.  Long story, but let’s just say it involved a pellet gun . . .and a walk with daddy over to the neighbors house to apologize.

Jeff was on the phone when it all went down so I took charge of the situation. 

I guess I was a little more angry than I thought.

After we all {me} cooled down and talked about what happened Jeff and I decided to take away Grant’s iTouch for the rest of the week.  It may not sound like a huge punishment, but to him it is!!!  Grant was relieved when we told him what the punishment was.  He said he was afraid it was going to be a LOT worse. 

{Sometimes I think he’s harder on himself than anyone.} 

Trying to be funny Jeff said it was either the iTouch or we would just stop loving him for a few days.  To which Grant replied “mom already quit loving me for like 10 minutes tonight already”.

September 22, 2010

Grant’s Birthday

Last week we celebrated another birthday at the Bumgardner house.  Grant turned 10 on Tuesday {14th}.  He’s been so excited about being two digits for several weeks.  I guess I forgot how exciting that was!!!  We surprised him with a special gift before school.CIMG1931I think it was a BIG hit because he’s been out almost every day since his birthday practicing.  This summer he will finally be old enough to take junior golf here at the golf course in our neighborhood, which he’s been wanting to do for years, so we thought this would be the perfect gift.DSCN2159DSCN2155DSCN2158DSCN2156    After a day at school and a trip to the driving range Jeff’s family and my sister {Aunt Karen} all came over for a little birthday celebration.  Grant got lots of fun gifts.  He really loved his new Nickelodeon slime themed mini laptop from Granny and the Halo Reach game for his Xbox 360 from Grandpa and Grandma Debbie.  It was just released earlier that day so he was lucky to get it!!!


We also had special visitors from California here to help Grant celebrate his big day.  Here’s the birthday boy with his cousins Maggie and Lorelei.

 CIMG1955 CIMG1956 

Maggie even helped Grant blow out the candles on his birthday cake!CIMG1953 (Hopefully you didn’t notice that there were only 5 candles on the cake.  I didn’t even think to check in the cupboard to make sure I had candles before it was time for cake.  Turns out I only had a mismatched combination of 5.  So we got creative and lit them twice so Grant would have 10 candles.  I felt like such a super mom!!!)

I was busy with parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday night last week.  Grant didn’t have school so he got to go to the State Fair with Grandpa, Aunt Melissa, Uncle John, Maggie and Lorelei.  I sent along his camera but he only took two pictures.  One was of me sweeping the kitchen floor before I went to work . . . CIMG1964  and the other was of the tattoo he got at the state fair.CIMG1965

Friday I got the day off too se we relaxed around the house most of the day.   Then after basketball practice Grant invited a few of his friends over for a birthday sleepover.   I love the way they were all gathered around Grant’s little iPod touch screen watching a video in this picture.eDSCN2149 You can always count on a crazy night when you get a group of 9-10 year old boys together.  They can really be silly . . . which you can obviously tell from some of these pictures. CIMG1977CIMG1968 CIMG1967  CIMG1971 CIMG1972 CIMG1974  Saturday we celebrated another birthday.  It was Aunt Melissa’s big day.  We met everyone at Abuelo’s for dinner and then went back to Grandpa and Debbie’s house for birthday ice cream cake and grasshopper pie from Baskin Robbins.  Melissa also made a peanut butter pie that I have got to get the recipe for.  Here’s Uncle Jeff and Miss Lorelei enjoying some dessert. DSCN2167 Then after dessert he played airplane on the floor with the girls.DSCN2180

While all of this was going on Grant was being tickle tortured by Uncle Nick.  I need to get Debbie to send me a few of those pictures!!!

This weekend Grant’s birthday festivities will be continued.  We are planning to go down to Winfield on Saturday evening for more birthday cake and presents with my family.  Then on Sunday Grant’s looking forward to taking his new golf clubs to the driving range and using a few of the range balls Grandma Norma keeps collecting in her backyard.  I guess it’s one of the perks to having your house back up to a driving range!!!

September 5, 2010

Jeff’s Birthday

Last Sunday we got together with both sides of our family to celebrate Jeff’s birthday.  My side of the family showed up early in the afternoon so they could spend some time visiting with us.  Everyone was interested to see Jeff’s new iPad.  We had few good laughs showing Nana some pictures from {The People of Wal-Mart} website.  I don’t know what was funnier, the pictures on the website or Nana’s reaction to the picture.DSCN1992    DSCN1990 DSCN1991 

Here’s the birthday boy, right before the battery on my camera died!!!DSCN1997

Jeff was very excited about the new {Swiss Army} iPad case he got from his dad and Debbie.  He also got several other great accessories that he can use with his iPhone and iPad when he is traveling as well as some new KU shirts.

Just for fun his dad threw in a book he found at home when he was cleaning.  He thought Jeff had always loved this book, but he was the one who was surprised when Jeff admitted he actually hated it.  My dad however found it very interesting.  I love the expression on his face in this picture. DSCN2001 We kept the book, but have put it away for awhile.  There are a few human oddities Grant does not need to see.

Just before the battery on my camera died I got a few final pictures of Jeff with his new birthday shoes.  I have to admit I have always hated Croc’s, but he really wanted a pair to wear while he works in the yard. DSCN2004DSCN2006

Luckily they were slightly too small and the next size up was slightly too big so Jeff’s fascination with Croc’s has passed.

Next up at the Bumgardner house . . . special visitors and another birthday celebration!!!