February 23, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today was not just any ordinary Tuesday.  It was a TERRIFIC Tuesday for me at work.  I told Jeff last night that it didn’t matter if I woke up sick this morning, I was going to work no matter what.  If you are a teacher you will totally appreciate this.  I got 30 minutes this morning of planning time while my kids were at PE and then another 2 hours and 15 minutes this afternoon while they were at library and then practicing for their upcoming music program.  {On a typical day I usually only get 30 minutes total.}  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but all of this uninterrupted time was AWESOME.  It seems like every time I have a break I spend the first few minutes chatting with someone , or maybe the entire time, and then just when I get to work on something time is up and I have to put everything away before my kids come back. 

For those of you who work with me you know it’s not uncommon for me to have the next months worth of copies made and ready to go.  I’m a bit of a planner and love the feeling of knowing that if something really bad happened to me tonight everything would be ready to go for a sub.  But today I started pulling down buckets and managed to get all of my copies for March and April copied and organized.  That means all I have left to do are the last 3 weeks of the school year {and then I can start all over and begin working on stuff for next year}. 

I even spent a few hours after I got home getting everything written down and organized in my lesson plan book.  Next month I begin my first master’s class and don’t really know what to expect in terms of homework and reading. At least this way I won’t have to worry about staying late after school to get stuff done. 

Enough about me . . . it’s been a pretty typical Tuesday around our house this evening.  Grant went out to dinner with Granny and then as soon as he got home we got right to work on his homework.  He always gets a packet on Friday and it is due by the following Friday.  If he turns it in on Wednesday he gets an “early bird” prize. We always try to get some of it done over the weekend and then finish it up on Tuesday night.  So tonight  he worked hard to get it done.  All he had left to do was his cursive writing practice pages.  Check out how neat he writes.100_3423100_3433100_3424

He also had a story to read about forest fires at Yellowstone.  We snuggled up on the couch and did the reading together and then he worked hard to answer the questions that went along with the story.  Spiro always likes to be nearby to help out.100_3436

I hope everyone else had a TERRIFIC Tuesday!!!


February 21, 2010

Thunder Game

Tonight was {Shriner’s Night} at the Thunder Hockey game so Grant got to go to the new Intrust Arena with Papa and his friend Lloyd to watch the game.  As you can imagine he had a great time and managed to score lots of “free” stuff. 

Earlier in the day I had told him that he didn’t need to try and hit Papa up for a bunch of stuff while he was at the game like to tends to do with Jeff and I.  So you can imagine how funny it was when he called me after only being there a few minutes to tell me he got a “free” jersey.  He was very quick to tell me they gave it to him for “free” and assure me that Papa had not had to pay for it.  He also got pictured on the big screen inside the arena with these crazy balloon glasses on during the game.100_3404100_3403 

Thanks Papa for a fun night!!!100_3408


February 15, 2010

Valentine’s Day Weekend

I know I’m a little late with this post but I figured better late than never.  It was a pretty relaxing day around the Bumgardner house on Valentine’s Day . . . for me that is.  We have reached that point in the year where basketball and baseball are overlapping so Jeff and Grant were gone for the majority of the afternoon to practices.  I on the other hand stayed in my pj’s all day and did stuff around the house.  I managed to get all the laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, paper graded and catch up on all my favorite DVR’d shows from last week.

We did make some Valentine’s treats on Sunday morning.  I’m wishing I hadn’t started a new big diet because they looked so yummy!!!  Luckily things like this disappear quickly around our house so I won’t have to torture myself much longer when I walk through the kitchen.100_3302 100_3301100_3303 

My little man surprised me with these roses on Saturday afternoon.  He even used his own money.  How sweet is that????  He went shopping with Granny after his basketball game on Saturday morning and got these for me at the grocery store.  He’s going to make some lucky gal a great husband one day!!!100_3304

Thanks to Aunt Karen, Jeff and I got to sneak away for a few hours on Saturday night.  We had plans to head out east for dinner but then figured it would be super busy so we ended up going to Pei Wei and then doing a little shopping.  I managed to snag a few new pairs of jeans and Jeff got some much needed running pants and hoodies.  Then we headed home to watch the rest of the KU game.

Like most years Grant had to decorate a Valentine’s box for school.  Usually I love these kinds of projects . . . not this year though.  He has been learning about simple machines in science so his box had to of course be a simple machine.  We’ve had this assignment for weeks but put it off until the last minute.  So last weekend before Jeff headed out on one of  his trips I had him help Grant with this part of the project.  I offered to assist with the decorating portion of the project. 

I had tons of pictures to share but for some reason I’m not able to open ANY of them.  I keep getting a message about the file type not being supported.  {Don’t know what’s up with that!!!}  I’m done messing with it all though because The Bachelor is about ready to start.  That’s right after all these years I’m still watching!!!

February 8, 2010

Snow Day

That’s right we had another Snow Day today . . . that makes 3 so far this year.  I think that’s more than any other year I can remember.  It was just starting to come down last night when we left the Watkins annual Super Bowl Party.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined waking up to this site this morning. DSC_0248

The trees all looked so pretty covered in snow.  This is my Japanese Maple tree right outside our front door. DSC_0249

Jeff of course headed north this morning to Manhattan for work so I was left shoveling the driveway.  I’m convinced he schedules his trips around bad weather just so he doesn’t have to do any of the hard work around here!!!  Thanks to a little help from my neighbor Mary we got it done in record time.  Grant was such a sweet boy.  He noticed our new neighbor Jack was out scooping off another neighbors driveway so he took my shovel and headed over to help out.  I bet Amy and Aaron were surprised when they got home tonight. DSC_0253DSC_0254

After warming up for a bit Grant put his gear back on and headed outside to play.  I managed to snag a few pictures of him before he went down to the neighbors house to have a snowball fight. DSC_0256 DSC_0257

We have been spent a fun relaxing day inside for the most part.  Grant and I finished up a movie that we started over the weekend {Romancing the Stone} and even finished decorating his valentine box.  I’ll try to post some pictures of it later this week.  Thankfully we just got a call a little bit ago informing us that basketball practice got cancelled tonight because I was beginning to think I might have to change out of my pj’s and actually get dressed today.

Would it be wishful thinking to have another snow day tomorrow?

February 6, 2010

A Nail Biter

This mornings basketball game was quite a nail biter.  Luckily his team was able to pull off another win during the last few seconds of the game to go undefeated so far this season.  For some reason the baskets just didn’t like our balls because well over half of the shots circled the rim and then bounced out.  It was so frustrating.  I’m not one to whine either, but there were several bad calls today too.  Nevertheless, the Maverick’s won and Grant managed to score 4 of their points.

I’m sure coach Tyler appreciates this shot of his backside while everyone else was in the huddle for the game started.DSC_0219

Here were a few of the pictures we managed to get of our star during the game.  We are so proud of how hard he plays!!!DSC_0225DSC_0193DSC_0208DSC_0210DSC_0221DSC_0232

Grant also had his own cheering section this morning.  I think he was probably the only boy who had three great grandma’s cheering him on from the stands.  Grandma Linda and Aunt Karen were there too!!!DSC_0241{Grant, Granny, Grandma Norma & Nana}