December 20, 2010

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It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been so long since my last post.  Now that I’ve got a little break from work and my master’s classes I’m hoping to do a better job of keeping things updated.  Here’s a little peek at what’s been happening around the Bumgardner house during the past 8 weeks . . .

1.  Lot’s of Basketball – We have been VERY busy with basketball since September.  Grant played on a fall team this year with a few friends from his regular winter league team.  For the past month the two leagues have been overlapping so it seems like we’ve been at either practice or a game nearly every night of the week. DSCN2948DSCN2905DSCN2941DSCN2942

The BlackhawksDSCN3260      

2.  Instructional Design – I was pretty sure this class was going to be the death of me.  It’s been a long 12 weeks!!!  Thank goodness it’s finally over!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time or worked on any one thing so hard in my entire life.  I got my final project submitted a few days before Thanksgiving and am happy to report that I got +5/4 points.  That’s right . . . 5 points {which is one extra credit point + the four points that were possible} on this 80+ page project.  Crazy, huh???   I call it my “book”.  I basically designed activities and assessments to teach beginning writers to write a complete sentence.DSCN3406

3.   Thanksgiving – It’s become tradition for Jeff and I to host both sides of our families for Thanksgiving.  This year was no different.  We ended up with 16 guests.  I love that our families get along so well.  We always have so much fun when we are all together.  My family came up earlier in the day and we spent a lazy morning looking through all of the Black Friday ads and making our Christmas Lists. 

{I can’t believe this was the only picture I took the entire day!}DSCN3109

On Friday morning my sister and I got up early and headed out to do a little shopping.  Karen hit Home Depot on her way to my house and managed to snag up a few boxes of these cute little trees.  I think they were intended for outdoor use, but I really like them inside by my fireplace.

4.  My Class Blog – This blog ends up getting updated on a much more regular basis.  If I had more time I would love to post updates several times a week but for now I end up spending a few hours on Friday or Saturday uploading all of the pictures I’ve taken during the week at school.  I don’t think the parents care though!!!  Mrs. Bumgardner\

5. – Somehow my little class blog has become quite popular with more than just the intended audience {parents, grandparents, etc . . .}.  For several months I’ve had teachers from all over the country checking it on a regular basis and even emailing me about activities I do with my kids.  They’ve gone as far to offer to pay for copies of activities.  Over Thanksgiving break I did a little investigating and found this great website.  It’s an online store where teachers can create an account and link it to their PayPal to sell and collect money for lesson plans and activities.  Now I’m operating an online store with my good friend Diane and we are selling more than I had ever imagined.  In order to post activities we’ve had to change almost all of the clipart we use so we aren’t violating any copyright laws.  So, if you know any beginning K-2 teachers in need of some activities send them our way!!!


5. – I just have to say . . . I love nearly every products available on this website.  Since my life is so crazy right now I thought one of these Erin Condren Life Planners was just what I needed.  The problem was, I just couldn’t justify paying $55 for one.  But as luck would have it I got a 50% off promotional code on Black Friday and free shipping so I splurged and designed one for myself.  I told myself I wouldn’t open the box when it came, but wrap it and give it to myself for Christmas.  I had good intentions, but when the doorbell rang on Monday morning while I was home with the flu and I saw that little white box laying on the doorstep with the Tiny Prints return address I couldn’t resist. DSCN3411DSCN3413DSCN3415The day after I ordered my planner I got another coupon for $10 off of any purchase so I had to put it to use.  I ordered this cute notebook with our family picture on it.  It’s the perfect size to keep in my purse.  I’m sure Grant will end up filling all of the pages with his cute little drawings and stories.DSCN3407

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from Thursday night.  I had BUNKO so Jeff was in charge of dinner for himself and Grant.  Before I left I snapped this picture of my two boys making some stir fry. DSCN3381

I had NO idea they would just eat it out of the pan . . .

I guess this is why Grant thinks daddy is SO fun!!!DSCN3382DSCN3384