October 28, 2009

Family Game Night

We have always been a big game playing family. Unfortunately we don't have as much time anymore because of homework and various sporting events. But tonight Grant and I decided that we are going to try and make every Wednesday night our "family game night". Too bad Jeff is out of town because he missed all the fun.

Grant was so sweet. He let me choose our game tonight so I of course had to grab my favorite game of all time ... LIFE!

This was Grant's first time to play and he loved it. I let him be the banker so he even got in a little math practice!!! He asked me if we could play LIFE every Wednesday night.

October 27, 2009

The Big Move

Last week my Nana made the big move from Odessa, MO to Winfield, KS.  The moving truck arrived on Thursday morning so we went down to my mom and dad’s house on Friday evening after work so we could pitch in with all of the unpacking.  We worked all day Saturday and got nearly all of the boxes unpacked.  She got rid of a lot of stuff before she moved so we didn’t have nearly as much work as I had anticipated.  I spent most of the day in the kitchen. 

Here’s Nana working hard in her new kitchen.  She is so excited about having a garbage disposal.  For the past 35 years she has lived on the farm without one.CIMG1357

You may notice she has a bit of a black eye (and forehead).  The night before she moved she got up in the middle of the night to get a drink and ran into a kitchen cabinet that was left open.  When the movers arrived the next day they asked her what happened and she told them “her date last night got a little rough with her”.  That’s my nana!!!  I think she caught them off guard because they didn’t know what to say.

Once we got the clothes unpacked Grant spent quite a bit of time in one of the big wardrobe boxes.  I don’t know what it is about that boy and boxes.  He has loved them since he was little.CIMG1354 

Grant and Aunt KarenCIMG1358

You can tell by this picture that Jeff worked hard!!!  Just kidding . . .I think he was on his phone trying to figure out how to program Nana’s car garage door opener to her new garage door.CIMG1356

Saturday afternoon Grant, Aunt Karen and Jeff took some time off to go to Sonic and do some Geocaching in Winfield.  Here’s Grant with a few of the treasures he found.CIMG1360CIMG1362

I couldn’t resist posting one last picture.  Thank goodness I had my camera with my tonight after school.  We stopped by Jeff’s grandmas house after school to pick up Spiro.  (She is our doggy daycare on weeks when Jeff is out of town.)  This is how Grant carried Spiro to the car.  He’s just like a big baby.  CIMG1370

October 20, 2009

A Box of Fun

Who knew that an old box could be so much fun!!! For the past two nights Grant has been turning this old brown box into a house for his penguins.

With the help of Aunt Karen tonight he even has some custom built furniture to go inside. They used some of the cardboard scraps and lots of duct tape.

It sounds like there are still plans for a plasma tv, curtains and some wall decor. What a creative boy!!! We will post some pictures of his masterpiece once it is all finished.

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October 18, 2009

A Trip to Wal-Mart

Here’s a little peek at what happens when Jeff goes to Wal-Mart by himself without a list . . . and ventures into the Halloween department. 

This is part of the rock-n-roll skeleton outfit he got for Grant,  minus the guitar and leather pants that I’m going to have to look for.CIMG1229

and  this is the “Jason” mask that he swears is for Grant.  He knew Grant couldn’t wear it to school and carry the bloody knife that he also bought so this is for Halloween night.  I’ll have to go look for a prison jumpsuit to go with it.CIMG1233

Don’t they make a frightening pair???CIMG1232

Poor Spiro isn’t very fond of the mask or the knife.CIMG1234

October 17, 2009

New App

We are headed home from the east side of town where we had way too much to eat at Abuelo's. Jeff's grandpa from Sun City, Az is here visiting so we got together for one last meal before he heads home tomorrow.

Here is Grant with grandpa and great grandpa Henry.

I found this free application while I was playing with my phone and had to check it out. This is just one more reason I love my iPhone.

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October 3, 2009


After a mid-morning soccer game, which Grant’s team won, we headed out to do a little family Geocaching with Miles and his friend Nick who are here for the weekend visiting.  For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about let me try to explain.  Geocaching is an outdoor activity of hide and go seek where players use a GPS to find a canister.  Each canister which has been hidden usually contains a log book which you sign in on and sometimes there are items that can be traded based on the size of the cache.

Jeff had heard about Geocaching several years ago and thought it sounded like fun.  Then last weekend while I was out of town he uploaded a new application for it to his iPhone and he and Grant started going around town searching for hidden caches.  I have to admit it sounded really stupid when they were telling me about it but after going out today on my first Geocaching hunt it ended up being quite a bit of fun.  It’s kind of like a big scavenger hunt and everybody knows how much I love to play games.

Nick found our first cache of the day at a park on the south side of town near the soccer field.  Can you tell he was excited!!! CIMG1116

Then we headed north to the downtown area and once again Nick found our second cache of the day.  This one was much larger and there were several items to chose from.  The rule is that if you take one of the items you have to replace it with something of your own.  I think we put in a golfball.CIMG1120

Here is Miles modeling the red lanyard he chose.CIMG1121

Nick also was the first to spot our third cache of the day.  It must be beginners luck!!!CIMG1124

I am happy to report that I found the fourth cache.  It was under this stoplight box in a magnetic key holder.  CIMG1128

Here’s the prize I collected!!!CIMG1129

We finally ran out of luck because according to our GPS there was supposed to be a cache around this horse downtown but we could never find it.CIMG1131

We also spent about 30 minutes on a trail in the woods near the river looking for a cache that we never found either.CIMG1132

Then Grant got lucky at our last stop of the day on the way home.  He found the cache all by himself.  Here he is with daddy getting ready to open it to see what kind of treasures might be inside.CIMG1133 He chose this beautiful beaded necklace.CIMG1137

To find out more about Geocaching check out this website.  I had know idea it was such a popular activity.  It’s amazing how many cache’s are out there waiting to be found.