August 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Friday was Jeff’s birthday. We didn’t officially celebrate until Saturday evening because he had been in California all week and didn’t get back until late Friday night. I did hurry home from school though and baked him his favorite “banana cream pie” and we had it waiting for him when we got home from picking him up at the airport. We even put a candle in it.


Saturday evening all of our family came over to celebrate. Jeff is on a big pie kick right now so per his request we had cherry pie and peach cobbler. Then he opened all of his gifts. He got lots of new accessories for his i-phone from his Dad and Debbie and my parents got him a large (Cardinal’s red )canopy with a zip on shade screen that we can use during baseball season. I have a feeling we will get a lot of use out of it in the coming years. My sister also got him a few books . . . this one seemed absolutely perfect for Jeff.

100_2726 Grant was hoping to read it too . . . but I don’t think so!!!


Grant also had his first two soccer games of the season this weekend. His team is called The Westside United. It was so much fun to watch them play. They lost their first game 5-2 and then today’s game ended in a tie 6-6. Grant spent the majority of both games as the goalie and I was so proud of how tough he was. Thank goodness he is not afraid of the ball.

August 25, 2009

A Week Gone By

Somehow an entire week has gone by without a single post. Getting into the routine of school this year has been tougher than usual. I really seem to have my hands full with my new group of kiddos. I left work every night last week feeling completely exhausted. Then to top it all off we had something going on every night . . . Grant’s open house at school, soccer practice (twice), drum lessons & hosting my CAbi party. It was definitely a crazy week around the Bumgardner house.

This week Jeff is in California for work so I’m left doing it all. Luckily I came home tonight feeling like I had just left a normal day at school so hopefully that’s a sign that all of the little classroom management stuff I worked so hard on last week is paying off.

I got out the camera tonight to upload some pictures I took at school to post on my class blog and decided to snap a few pictures of Grant. He was in a silly mood tonight. He’s going through that stage right now where he tries to act “cool”. I think he forgot he is only 8 years old!!!

100_2653 100_2651

This weekend is Jeff’s birthday and Grant has his first two soccer games of the season so I’m hoping to get some great photos to share with you. Now that things seem to be calming down around here I’ll try to be a little better at updating my blog!!!

August 17, 2009

Our First Day of School

Today was our first day of school.  It’s so hard to believe that my baby is in 3rd grade.  He’s getting so big!!!  As always we posed for a few pictures this morning on the front porch before heading out.  Luckily Jeff is in town this week so he was able to take Grant to school and meet his teacher.  That’s the only thing that really stinks about my job because parents count on me being in my room on the first day so I have always missed out on taking the boys.  Tomorrow night we have Open House so I’m looking forward to seeing Grant’s classroom then and hearing all about what to expect in 3rd grade.  We are looking forward to a great year!!!


August 4, 2009


Yesterday Grant and I went shopping for some new shoes.  Soccer practice began last night and he needed a new pair of cleats.  I remember  when Miles made the jump from shoes in the boys department to the men’s department.  I think he must have been in 5th or 6th grade.  I know Grant is a big boy but I never dreamt that he would be making that leap before he entered 3rd grade.  That’s right I had to buy men’s size 7 shoes for my 8 year old.  Which also means we get to pay more!!!  The same shoe was $20 more expensive in the men’s department.  What happened to my baby???

Out with the old and in with the new!!!


Shoes have definitely been on Grant’s mind recently.  I wonder where he gets it???  He has been begging for a pair of Converse  all summer and I managed to put him off until we did our back to school shopping.  Over the weekend we went to KC and of course one of the first things purchased were a new pair of red Converse.  (They must run big though because we were able to buy a size 6 in kids.)   He was so excited to put them on and even spent quite a bit of time that evening washing the white toes with a washcloth in the hotel bathroom to get off all the scuffs.  Once we got home Jeff and I told him he had to put them away until school starts.  Granny happened to be here visiting and overheard the conversation and couldn’t believe how mean we were so this afternoon she took him shopping for another pair of Converse that he can go ahead and wear.  He has his heart set on a pair of black ones!!!  I’m hoping they will be able to pick up an inexpensive pair at Target. 

They also bought a pair of shoes for basketball.  Hopefully his foot  won’t grow anymore before November.   

Would you believe all of these shoes  fit my feet too???