January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

On Thursday {December 23} we packed up the car and headed to Winfield.  We were hoping to do a little shopping at the Rubbermaid store but it was closed, so instead we just spent the day relaxing and watching movies.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve morning Jeff, me, my dad, my sister and my grandma decided to try our luck at one of the Indian Casino’s just over the state line.  Grant stayed home with Grandma Linda to help her with some cooking.  It didn’t take us long to lose so we were home before lunch. 

As a little surprise this year Grant got to open two gifts on Christmas Eve.  We let him open the first one earlier in the day in hopes that it would keep him occupied.

Here he is with the first gift of Christmas.DSCN3424  It was a set of Club Penguin cards.  Not only is it a card game, but there are also cards with codes that Grant could use on his Club Penguin online account.  As you can tell from his smile, he was very surprised.  We had spent the entire day on Wednesday looking for a set of cards just like this that he wanted to buy with his own money.  Little did he know, I had already got him a set!!!DSCN3426Here’s Spiro getting a little {Christmas Eve} love from Jeff.DSCN3428My grandma’s little dog Tiger wanted in on the attention too.  DSCN3429

He’s really not as evil as he looks in this picture.  He just happened to yawn right as I snapped the picture.

We took a few pictures after we got back from church on Christmas Eve.DSCN3430DSCN3435

Then Grant opened his other Christmas Eve gift . . .  


SURPRISE . . . It was Christmas pajamas!!!

What says Christmas more than a friendly, family game of poker.   My dad and Jeff taught Grant and my sister how to play 5 Card Draw.   They raided my dad’s jar of quarters before they got started.


This is Grant’s poker face.DSCN3441He has obviously watched too much poker on tv because he had to wear his hoodie while he was playing.

Christmas Morning

As you can see Santa didn’t miss us  in Winfield this year.  Grant got a fun dice game that provided hours of fun Christmas night and a flying monkey, which Spiro absolutely hates.  DSCN3444DSCN3446

Here’s Jeff launching it for the first time.DSCN3445Santa also brought Grant CUPONK . . . DSCN3448

Dad {with Sprio and  Casey}DSCN3449

Mom getting her new office chair . . . with a little help from Grant!!!DSCN3454A few more presents for Grant . . .


    Jeff loved all of his new eBags.  Now he’s ready to start packing for his first trip of the year.DSCN3460 DSCN3455

Jeff was super excited to model his new vest . . . can’t you tell?!?!DSCN3492Nana loved her new Keurig coffee machine.DSCN3469

I think my dad was just happy entertaining all of the dogs.DSCN3470DSCN3472

I got this new fancy case for my laptop that came with an extra bag from Jeff’s grandma.  Even though it was beautiful, my stuff didn’t actually fit inside of it very well.  Luckily I was able to exchange it for a black one that holds everything perfectly and is on wheels.DSCN3482


Aunt Karen loved the new stone we got her for her Studio Ring.DSCN3461

The fun came when everyone started opening their bags of purses from Gran.  It’s become a tradition for Gran to give everyone purses for Christmas.  She loves to hit up the sales at Dillard’s throughout the year.   In all the excitement I didn’t even get a picture of the three new Kathy Van Zeeland purses I got. DSCN3483

I love the look on Nana’s face in this picture!!!  Can you tell she loves her new yellow Fossil purse?

I think my Grandma Norma loves her new Jessica Simpson purse, too!!!DSCN3484DSCN3485

My dad and Jeff drove to Emporia to pick Miles up during the afternoon and then we did Christmas all over again with him that evening.  One of the gifts from Santa was for both boys so Grant had to wait and open it with Miles.    DSCN3497DSCN3498

The boys also got electric blankets {which they both loved} from Jeff’s grandma.DSCN3507

Miles got his own flying monkey and Right Left Center game in his stocking.  He also got several VISA gift cards so he could do a little after Christmas shopping.

 DSCN3496DSCN3500 DSCN3504   DSCN3503  DSCN3505 DSCN3506 

His big gift was a laptop.  It was fun to see how excited he was.DSCN3508 DSCN3509


Miles brought Grant a baggie filled with practical jokes.  If you look carefully it looks like Grant has a nail through his bloody, bandaged finger in this picture.  He also got some ice cubes with spiders in them, a whoopy cushion and some trick bubblegum.

DSCN3515After our yummy Christmas dinner the boys scratched the lottery tickets that were in their stocking.  Grant ended up being the big winner.  He won $2 and Miles won a free ticket.




  As you can see we had a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

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