March 5, 2011

Baseball is Back {already}

Even though it’s officially still winter we got back to baseball today.  It was a day full of new beginnings.  Not only was it Grant’s first baseball game of the season, but it was also his first time playing with his new team {The Wichita Athletics}.

This is a 2-1 tournament so every kid steps up to the plate with a 2-1 pitch count.  Luckily, he cranked one of his first pitches out into right field and it actually got stuck in the fence!!!DSC_0539 DSC_0540    DSC_0538

Jeff helped out on first base today and I was kind of hoping to get a picture of him and Grant there together.   {I don’t think I’ve had one of those shots since the early days of tee ball.}  I guess I’ll have to keep waiting though because Jeff flagged him on around to second base before I could get my camera ready.


Here he is on third base with one of his {new} coaches . . . Gary!!!DSC_0547

I even got a little smile after he crossed the plate and was running into the dugout!!!DSC_0548

From these pictures you can probably tell that Grant had to bulk up for the game.  Thanks to the cold Kansas wind he had 5 layers on top and 3 on the bottom.  We are crossing our fingers for much warmer temperatures tomorrow.  Since our first game got cancelled this morning due to the wind-chill we have three games left to play tomorrow.